Monday, April 28, 2014

Kudos to the Weegee of Knoxville, my buddy. John!

I love John Messner.  He is just a good, ol' boy who can fix about anything that is broken.  He has never held a baby before, which is why I laughed when I was in a photography class with him that focused on shooting newborns and toddlers - I asked him why he took the course and he just shrugged with that good-natured "aw shucks" demeanor and said, "Just to get outside my comfort zone."

And what is his comfort zone?  Those of us who know him know that John sleeps with a police scanner on 24/7 because he loves nothing best than to hear a call, grab his camera, and head out for some crime photography.  Regardless of the hour.  Regardless of the weather.  And regardless of what risk he might be undertaking.

And now his stuff has gone viral.
A sheriff's deputy in Knox County, Tennessee has been fired after he was caught on camera allegedly choking a university student Saturday night.
Check out John's shots:

He said the "Today" show called him.  I told him, git on it and go full redneck.

Which won't be hard for John.

Actually, I am tickled pink to see him get this recognition.  It is his passion and some news agency would be smart to keep him on call.  He's a good guy and deserves it.

Here is a portrait I shot of John last year.

I've told him, he is the Weegee of Knoxville.

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  1. Good to know you're on the case